Because music like humanity, is boundless.

Welcome to Humane Booking Agency, nestled in the heart of Hanoi Vietnam. Our mission is simple: to provide a nurturing home for Asian-based artists while fostering connections that span the globe. We're here to expand horizons, unite communities, and ensure that our artists are guided in the most meaningful direction possible. At Humane, we champion visionary artists whose creativity transcends the mainstream, shining a spotlight on the underground and niche scenes. Our ultimate aim? To bring people together, inviting them to explore deeper realms with the support of clubs and industry insiders by their side. Welcome to a world where music knows no bounds. Welcome to Humane.

Global Connection

Humane serves as the vital link between continents, forging connections and fostering collaborations within the electronic music sphere.

Cultural Fusion

The agency expertly blends the rich tapestry of Asian underground music with global influences, creating a dynamic and eclectic sonic landscape that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Artist Empowerment

By providing a tranquil platform for creative expression and professional growth, Humane enables artists to thrive and reach new heights in their musical journey.

Universal Language

Through the power of sound, Humane communicates beyond borders, fostering understanding and unity among diverse communities across the globe.

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